Self employed medical insurance and self employed health insurance quotes can be tough to find. This website is designed to aid people in finding the right medical coverage and health care plan as quickly as possible.

If you are self employed your have special needs for your health insurance, life Insurance, car insurance, and homeowner insurance. Your health insurance needs to cover you while you are working: It has to be affordable and it has a have a wide coverage area. We know your needs because we are self employed too! Enter your zip code above and let the insurance companies compete for your business!.

From this website we are also offering access to different types of benefits for self employed people.

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Self-Employed Insurance - Who Needs it?

A self-employed individual is a person who, instead of working for another person like the usual employment organization, had decided to take a big leap and manage his own business. This business is usually his expert trade. The most common self-employment trades are child care, home services like plumbing and home interior management, and other services that do not require a number of people.

The number of self-employed individuals rose dramatically with the introduction of the internet. Some people find it more convenient for themselves to be employed within the comforts of their own home. This may range from online writers to eBay aficionados. Overall, the rising number of self-employed individuals in the United States rose to more than 10 million in 2009 from its previous record of 8 million in 1980.

Certain insurance coverage may be needed to protect the business from unexpected lawsuits or to provide the needs of the self-employed individual. Note that since no employer is involved, the person is required to acquire some insurance coverage for himself which are usually provided by an employer.

Personal Insurance Coverage

Health and dental insurance are the two most common types of coverage provided by an employer to his employees; the self-employed individual is tasked for his own welfare to obtain this by himself. The disadvantage of being self-employed is that you would have to pay for the full premium of the insurance instead of just paying half or a portion of it like when you are employed in a certain company. But then again, there is a wide array of options and packages that may fit your budget and which doesnít consume much of your income.

The cost of health insurance primarily depends on the type of coverage and protection that you need. The premium may also depend on your age and health status. There are also other factors like deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments which may also affect the premium. The deductible is the amount that needs to be paid first before that insurance can start covering your medical expenses. The basic rule applies:  the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Co-insurance and co-payments are the agreement between both parties regarding what percentage of the medical bill the insurance company will only be responsible for.

Business Liabilities and other Coverage

Even self-employed businesses need liability insurance. This covers any expenses needed to provide for an injured employee while on duty. Public liability insurance, on the other hand, is to cover any damages or complaints that a customer makes against the business. An example is when a pest management service makes a few collateral damages in their customerís basement while in the process of exterminating rodents. Premise insurance protects your business properties like the establishment itself, if any, and everything in it which functions to serve the business, from any untoward incidents and natural calamities.

If the business runs with any type of vehicle, procuring car insurance may be necessary for protection and liability purposes and as a requirement of law. The cost for vehicle insurance may depend on the type of car including the model, age, speed and power, purpose and even on some details regarding the driver himself. Since the vehicle is used for business, the premium may be more costly that your personal car. This is because vehicles used for business take more mileage. And the more miles the car runs, the higher the risk of it getting into an accident.

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